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Just 4 FuN...Chances Are You Will Find an Abundance of Sears "Honor Bilt" Mail Order Kit Homes In and Around The Following Cities:

(Does this building look familiar?  If anyone is able to identify the above (former) Sears, Roebuck & Company Ohio office location, please e-mail  me at: )Sears "Honor Bilt" Mail Order Kit Homes had offfices in Fourteen (14) cities around Ohio.  Chances are you will discover an abundance of Sears Mail Order "Kit Homes" in and around these cities and ...

What is a Sears Modern Home?

What is a Sears Modern Home? From 1908 - 1940, Sears, Roebuck & Company sold between 70,000 and 75,000 homes through their mail-order Modern Homes program.  Over that time Sears designed 447 different housing styles, from the elaborate multistory Ivanhoe, with its elegant French doors and art glass windows, to the simpler Goldenrod, which served as a quaint, three-room and no-bath cottage ...

Sears Modern Brick Schoolhouse offered for $11,500. in 1908 Sears Modern Homes Catalog

Sears, Roebuck & Company of Chicago Illinois offered in their 1908 Sears Modern Homes Catalog, according to their plans, specifications and itemized bill of materials, which they will furnish with out cost, would build this Modern Brick Schoolhouse for $11,500..  The catalog page further mentions that "If you were to buy a set of plans from your local architect that are as complete as ...

"The CLEVELAND" Honor Bilt Mondern Homes by Sears, Roebuck & Company

As I mentioned in my previous postings, Sears, Roebuck & Company offered "Ready Cut" homes from their house designs catalogs to be assembled on the customers location and all that was required was a hammer, screwdriver and a level.  'You can hang your up your saw as you won't need it.'  These homes were delivered by railroad boxcar, and as a result, many of these homes were ...

Sears "Honor Bilt" Ready Cut Mail Order Homes: "The LORAIN"

In the early to mid 1900's Sears Mail Order "Kit" homes were ordered out of a catalog and delivered by railroad boxcar to the customer.  In various cities around the Country there were "Sears Catalog" regional offices, including one located in downtown Lorain, Ohio, just north of the Palace Theater on Broadway Avenue.  Often in cities where there was a regional office, there would be ...

Identifying & Authenticating a Sears 'Honor Bilt' Home

Throughout the United States, Canada, and found in select countries around the world, including Australia, are hidden treasures in many established communities dating back to the early thru mid 1900's.  These "finds" are the gems and part of Americana which remain proudly prominent in many small towns and countryside's to this day.  Many are ...

Tripple Net Lease Clarified

I've had several inquiries recently asking me for clarification on Tripple Net Lease (aka:  Net Net Net Lease; I've also heard it referred to "Hell or High Water Lease").   In addtion to the Lessee's utilities, operating expenses, and property insurance, the obligations to the landlord can best be described as follows: A Tripple Net Lease is basically a lease agreement that designates ...

The Due Diligence of a Commercial Real Estate Agent, by BILL Latrany

The Due Diligence of a Commercial Real Estate Agent -By BILL Latrany I have been approached by several of my colleagues in real estate over the years asking me, ‘What does it take to become a successful commercial real estate agent?’, and my response is the same. “Persistence, Hard Work, Working Smart, Dedication, Communication, Discipline, and Due Diligence, Due Diligence, and ...
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