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Just thought I would mention that any agent can get a free website at it is a really good site and you can buy a domain name if you like and upgrade it too.It's free always unless you upgrade to any other plans.It's really easy to use and looks good too.Here's the one below that I created and it's very easy to add things and change them around if you need help just give me an email or call.Also they are already integrated  with Coldwell Banker Branding so it's very easy to set up.There is no catch or anything just if you have like a bunch of listings then you need to upgrade but a good Idea is just to post your newest listings on a rotation and just let your sellers know they are on yet another site that you posted them on.I just made a new one tonight and I was done in 30 minutes and that's for now but I will make it fancier later just got back into this computer stuff again.It's not done yet so don't judge it ...just think--------free!!!Also you can link it to your cbhunter site too.


Here it is

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