Mentor Ohio Real Estate - Hints for Millennials

Now is a great time for the Mentor Ohio Real Estate market. According to a CNN Money article "With rents rising faster than incomes, many millennials are expected to start looking to buy homes of their own."

Before running out to purchase your dream home there are 6 things buyers should check off their list first according to Huffington Post.

#1.  DO THIS - Get Pre-Approved (It's important to know your credit score & get pre-approved before looking. Most people can afford more house than they actually want to spend so get comfortable with your numbers and work backwards.

#2.  DO THIS - Buy the Worst Home in the Best Neighborhood (Remember the famous real estate phrase, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!)

#3.  DO THIS - Make a Wish List (Make an "A" and "B" list - the "A" list is where the necessities go and the "B" list is for those items that you would like to have. Taking the emotion out of house buying and putting on your business hat will come in handy more than you know.

#4.  DO THIS - Work with a Real Estate Expert You LOVE (You will need an experienced agent that knows what they are doing but is also patient and has enough time to explain the real estate process, contract & details that you need to know in order to make the purchase smooth)

#5.  DO THIS - TALK TO THE NEIGHBORS (They will tell you everything you want to know and a whole lot more. They call fill you in on what it is like to live in that neighborhood)

#6.  DO HAVE - HAVE A HOME INSPECTION (A home inspection is a process that each potential buyer should have done to analyze the bones of the house. The inspector's job is to make note of everything that works and doesn't work in your home. 

Whether you are looking to buy or sell now is a great time for the Mentor Ohio Real Estate Market!

Click the picture below for homes currently on the market in Mentor Ohio and surrounding cities.

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