The almighty phone already rules our lives. It’s with me wherever I go. Commands my attention. It’s not just a phone. It’s my connection to work, videos, my camera, entertainment and access to the almighty Oracle, Google, at a moment’s notice. Now the phone looks to be the scepter to help rule my castle.

Ninja Blocks is a device that got a lot attention earlier this year on Kickstarter when it raised funding to put these devices into production in a relatively short time. What Ninja Blocks does is basically magic. It connects the ordinary things in your home to your smartphoneallowing you to control them whenever and wherever you want.

Want your phone to control your lights? That’s easy. How about opening the garage door? Done. Want to customize Ninja Blocks so it can double as a security system? Hold up  that sounds hard. Yes it does, but Ninja Blocks is proving that it’s not by touting their system as easy to customize even for the non-technical types.

Check out the video above and take a look at how Ninja Blocks is making the concept of the “internet of things” a reality in your home.

Would you use Ninja Blocks in your home?

January 25 / 2013

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