NOW is the time to list your home in the Medine City market!



Per National Association of Realtors statistical report for residential homes in Medina, month of February 2014, the average sales price was $185,928. The average sales price for February 2015 was $231,115. That is an average increase in price of 24.3%! The average market time for February 2014 was 148 days and the average for February 2015 was 108.  What are you waiting for? We need more properties on the market in Medina City! There is more of a demand now and not enough supply for the current market in Medina. The prospective buyers are looking now and not waiting for this winter weather to go away. Give us a call for a free market evaluation of your home and a marketing plan for your home today!

For our Medina office contact information and a list of our agents, click on our Medina office photo below. 

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