Goodbye October. Hello November. By now I’m guessing you’ve correctly set your clocks to observe daylight savings and if you’ve ventured out you’ve probably noticed holiday promotions are already setting in. While most of the Northeast still recovers from Superstorm Sandy, here are some real estate headlines to try and get back to a normal routine:

Michael Jackson’s home where he lived at the time of his death has sold for $18.1 million.

Here are 3 things mortgage lenders look for in a borrower.

Real estate mogul, Don Abbey, is selling two estates for $78 million each. No word on whether discount is available for purchasing both.

CNNMoney reports that mortgage relief is coming for disaster victims.

Here are 6 reasons builders are bullish on 2013.

CNBC is predicting that “branded” properties could be the next big thing in luxury. I wouldn’t mind an Xbox home…ooh or maybe a Starbucks home…definitely a Ben & Jerry home…

And finally, this home (pictured above) has the ultimate audio and video setup in every single room.

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