The new term is now "E-Waste"  Please keep your electronics out of the land fill.  Now that the new equipment is coming in to your office please take the time to Google places near you that will take your "E-Waste"  i.e.  ANYTHING THAT HAS A PLUG OR TAKES BATTERIES.

Here are a few places I found in Northeast Ohio:  Staples, Best Buy, Target PC, Secure IT Asset Disposal 1-800-788-1256;  Cleveland Computer Recycle 440-942-7497 and Green Tech Recycling 1-800-487-1291; E Scrap Recycling 216-431-0796 and Ohio Drop Off.

Keep in mind that you should call for details and hours because each company has different terms. Some have limits and some will pick up for a fee.  CRT and TV's usually have a per pound or size fee.  Hard drives can be pulled or destroyed.  Look up or for locations near you. I use a basic Google Search....Recycle Computers.

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