Just 4 FuN...Chances Are You Will Find an Abundance of Sears "Honor Bilt" Mail Order Kit Homes In and Around The Following Cities:

(Does this building look familiar?  If anyone is able to identify the above (former) Sears, Roebuck & Company Ohio office location, please e-mail  me at:  BillKnowsRealty@aol.com )

Sears "Honor Bilt" Mail Order Kit Homes had offfices in Fourteen (14) cities around Ohio.  Chances are you will discover an abundance of Sears Mail Order "Kit Homes" in and around these cities and communities where these "Modern Homes Sales Centers" were located.  In this blog, I thought it would be fun to share the former Sears, Roebuck & Company office locations where many of yesteryear's "American Dreams" were ordered below:

Lorain, Ohio (Cleveland Trust Building on Broadway Avenue, Downtown Lorain)

Cleveland, Ohio (1013 - 1017 Euclid Avenue)

Mansfield, Ohio (75 Bartley Avenue)

Toledo, Ohio (1734 Sylvania Avenue)

Columbus, Ohio (451 Glenmont)

Dayton, Ohio (601 East 3rd Street)

Cincinnati, Ohio (Norwood Sash & Door Company, Norwood, Ohio)

Additional Ohio locations include:  Akron, Dayton, Marion, Norwood, Portsmouth, Youngstown, Warren and Zanesville.

Other locations and number of offices (in parentheses) in each state, around the United States include:  Connecticut (1), Illinois (8), Indiana (5), Maryland (1), Massachusetts (1), Michigan (8), Missouri (2), New Jersey (7), New York(10), Ohio (14), Pennsylvania (6), Washington DC (3), West Virginia (1), and Wisconsin (1)... Total of Sixty-eight (68) "Modern Home Sales Centers" in all. 

Contact BILL LATRANY (440) 984 - 3266  or E-Mail:  BillKnowsRealty@aol.com if you are curious as to whether your home is a Sears "Honor Bilt" home.  More information available on my blog at:  www.RealtyResults.cc  

(For a more complete listing of former Sears, Roebuck & Company "Honor BIlt" Mail Order Homes offices in other states, click on  Copy & Paste the footnote hyperlink below.)  


Research and Credit to Ms. Rosemary Thornton, Author "The Houses That Sears Built" and "Finding The Houses That Sears Built".  

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