Sears Modern Brick Schoolhouse offered for $11,500. in 1908 Sears Modern Homes Catalog

Sears, Roebuck & Company of Chicago Illinois offered in their 1908 Sears Modern Homes Catalog, according to their plans, specifications and itemized bill of materials, which they will furnish with out cost, would build this Modern Brick Schoolhouse for $11,500..  The catalog page further mentions that "If you were to buy a set of plans from your local architect that are as complete as those we furnish you, they would cost you at least $250.00.  If you need a new schoolhouse in your locality, have your School Board send for a set of plans for this schoolhouse, as we can save them at least $5,000.00 on this building and this means that you will have much less taxes to pay." 

The shoolhouse consists of the following rooms:

First Floor:  Four Class Rooms ranging in feet around 23 feet by 29 feet; a Library 18 feet by 7 feet; Four Large Wardrobes (Coat, aka Cloak Rooms), and Two Toilet Rooms (Restrooms). 

Second Floor:  Auditorium with gallery:  29 feet by 77 feet; Two Class Rooms 24 feet by 29 feet; Superintendent's Office 12 feet by 24 feet; Two large Wardrobes and Corridors.

"We are in a position to quote you low prices on plans, specifications and bills of materials for schoolhouses to be drawn up specially to your order and ideas of your School Board.  Don't order a set of plans until you have writen us and received our quotation"  (Page 64 Book of Modern Homes)

Below is a picture from this vintage catalog:  Schoolhouse No. 5008.  Being from Lorain, and being the last elementary class (1970/1971) attending the former Brownell School built circa 1904 which was located 10th Street and Brownell Avenue, and being equally familiar with the only remaining standing schoolhouse from that same design, circa and era, Harrison School on 19th and Hamilton Avenue in Lorain, a picture of the former Brownell School building (taken in 1907) is below, which is a striking resemblance of the one offered in the Sears, Roebuck & Company "Book of Modern Homes".  

Please e-mail me if you know of a schoolhouse in your respective community that strongly resembles either of these pictures and descriptions here and below.

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