How I became known

Almost daily other Realtors and buyers ask me how I "got my start" in Real Estate. 

  I have to be honest. I came from a family of Realtors so I had a huge advantage. I spent my first year online watching every real estate video I could find online. I read real estate news for about 4 hours every day and I knew that if I kept doing this, I could be the best. 
  I built my businessadvertising  for free by creating a Facebook page for myself as a business page. I post articles on there about real estate and always tell funny stories about work. This is the best free marketing you any "seller" could do. 
I did go to Harvard for marketing so that helped me a ton! There are free business classes offered through the "Harvard extension" that help with my business skills. (Acounting, public speaking, etc.)
How was your first year? Where are you located? Do you go after expired listings? FSBO's? I get about 90% of my listings from doing that... No other Realtors really do that in my area and I'm not sure why. My goal was always to just help people sell their home, it wasn't to "get rich".
  In time I became extremely successful by just being honest, nice, and hard working! That's my only real "secret". Consumers are savvy and value honesty more than anything else when they make a large purchase. I enjoy knowing that I am the person fufilling this need for them. 
I am a matchmaker of people to houses, not a sales person.
Now please excuse me while I get back to hand writing my expired letters! 
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