How Kodachrome Can Sell Your Home!

  The first Kodak product called Kodachrome was invented by John Capstaff in 1913. His Kodachrome was a subtractive process that used only two colors: blue-green and red-orange. Out of these he created over 1,000 different shades by simply mixing black or white with the Kodachrome Color. 
  What is it about these colors that make us relaxed? Simply, they remind us of our childhood, our parents, or our grandparents. They remind us of what we love in life. 
  Taking that concept and using it to find paint colors is almost magic in itself. I myself fell in love with the color "Loyal Blue" by Sherwin Williams. 
Other colors to try would be this regal, "Peacock Blue-Green" by Sherwin Williams. 
One of the 2016 is a beautiful "Inkwell" by Sherwin Williams that looks black but in sunlight is actually a dark olive green. 
  I would suggest using a matte base for all of these colors. Mix them with cream accents or white depending on your preference. All of the depression era colors look beautiful with wood tones as well. Below is a photo of my wonderful pup Gibson in our dining room at home, in front of the 'Loyal Blue" walls. Learn from my mistakes, don't paint 100 year old walls in anything other than matte paint!!! Gloss or semi-gloss will show every little imperfection. 
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