NW Akron Trends Fall 2015

Housing prices are up approx. 4.1% in NW Akron for the final quarter of 2015. People are BUYING!!! We've seen a lot of action from buyers moving here from Cleveland because of the Summa buyout by CC. Other economical factors currently are the announcement of the new Whole Foods coming to the Hawkins/market area and the sucess of the Mustard Seed in Highland Square. Some properties close to the Mustard Seed have gone up approx. 20%+ in the past 6 months. Things should cool off soon in Highland Square but now is the time to sell for sure!!! Lots of buyers out there with little time before the snow hits AND a smaller invintory than spring by 30%! That means that if you needed 12 showings in the spring to sell your house, you would now only need 6-8! Plus since the invintory is low, the prices are higher. We are seeing that the "move in ready" house in NW Akron is selling quickly as usual and the "fixers" are still sitting on the market for 60-85 days. If you have floral wallpaper, please take it down now! 

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