My grandma is going to kill me for this. Even ths suggestion of painting over woodwork might get me banished from the family. In any case, here it goes. 


Paint your hard wood floors black. Why is this you ask? It's simple really. It's a design choise that has been in Europe for decades now. It's not a "trend". It's a design choice based off functionality. 


1. It's super easy to maintain. If you get a scratch in the paint, it's hard to see (even if you've painted over a light oak). Just pull out a small paint brush and fix it quickly. (While you leave the dog outside so she doesn't trampel all over your wet paint since she has to be all up in your business 24/7)


2. It looks SEXY! It's sleek, it's effortless, it's interesting, it's cheap. It's the EASIEST improvement you can do to your historic home or your ugly split level. 


Best of luck to you with your new floors! 

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