Sellers; The Power of 1st Impressions

"You will never get a second chance to make a first Impression" ~ Will Rogers

First impressions can certainly be the lasting impression.  A few glances, a good vibe, pleasant smells or not so pleasant - in just a matter of minutes that first impression has been created.  It's a natural reaction most everyone has with whomever they meet, where they go and general life experiences.

For you as the owner of a home for sale, ask yourself this - If you were applying for your dream job, how would you present yourself?  Most of us (depending on the job!) would dress our very best, perhaps spend a few bucks on a fresh cut or hairdo.  For us ladies we'll accesorize, be sure we have the perfect shoes or even invest in a full makeover.

Think of your home as a reflection of yourself, being the job seeker & the potential buyers your employer. Think of each showing as an interview by a prospective employer & help your home to have every chance for success.  I think it is extremely important to put your best foot forward right from the start.  With the power of the first impression, it can be detremental to your homes success if it were a negative one from the start.  Yes, we can make small adjustments as feedback is recieved, but the overall perception of what your home offers, as a whole, is often very challenging to recreate once initial judgment has been made.  Often future buyers will scroll right past your listing on their next search and any efforts to revamp your homes appearance/listing can be easily overlooked. (Note: The listing data is equally important.  Data, Description, Photo's...etc., also play a role in that first impression.)

Example showing the difference created with small, simple, touches. Making the most of a smaller space  (Photo’s from one of my past listings. Decorative add-ons were done by me personally)

Now, not everyone is an interior designer nor funds to have a home staged professionally.  And thats okay!  Thats where my experience as your realtor comes to play.  Often when living in a home, we don't notice what someone with fresh eyes may see or, in our minds, it's perfect so why change it?  Well, because from the moment your home is listed you are officially in interview mode.  Judged by every prospective buyer who walks through the door.  I'm not saying everyone's home is expected to show like a new build, model home or a high end luxury build.  But a little extra effort can make a big impact.  Maybe funds are tight & fresh paint or some added decorative touches aren't in the budget, for many thats the case.  With that, simple, inexpensive touches can be made like rearranging furniture to show of your homes best features, decluttering to allow a room to feel larger or just putting in some extra elbow work & giving it a real good scrub down.

All things considered, judging a book by it's cover does not always read true, but it never hurts to give your home a boost & dress 'it up' for success!

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