Esther Makris-Horwath

Esther Makris-Horwath

Sales Associate

Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Greek
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  • Coldwell Banker Chairman's Circle
  • Equal Housing Opportunity
  • Realtor

Community Involvement

As a mother, I find that volunteering is just everyday routine weaved into our lives. Whether at school, church, scouts, or other extra curricular activity help is always always needed. It is my privilege to do as much as I can.

Personal Interests

I find joy in many things. I love theatre, photography, art, film, cooking, baking and exercise. I love nature and all the beauty the world possesses. I make it my goal to always be open to learning as much as I can.  But most of all, I love spending time with my family.


Helping buyers and sellers with their real estate needs.

Broker Price Opinion Resource (BPOR) 

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I am excited to join Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty of Medina, Ohio. A group that has decades of experience.  My objective is to become a stronger member of the community I grew up in. I bring strong interpersonal skills to the table.  As a mother, I understand how to multi-task. I also understand the importance of professionalism striving at it with the best of my abilities. It would be my privilege to serve you in your home buying and/or selling needs.  I will take care each of my fiduciary duties which are care, obedience, loyalty, disclosure, accounting, and confidentiality. 

Personal Background

My background includes photographic retail sales, theatre management, hospitality and customer service.  I have been apart of the northeastern Ohio area all my life.  I was grew up around the hospitality service industry. My father helped run the Glenn restaurant which was a local favorite. I recall many a time waiting in the dining room for my family while they worked. I would get to know the regular patrons.  When my father had opened a restaurant to run solo, I felt fortunate to be able come and help him. I would greet the guests at the door, run the salad bar, and help the servers get anything they needed. Customer service is just a natural reaction to me. I do not know how not to be customer service oriented. 

After high school, I went to work at Regal Cinemas Hickory Ridge 8. I started out at the concession selling popcorn and worked my way up to assistant management under Julia Palmer.  There is so much work that goes behind the scenes at a movie theatre. I developed my multi-tasking skills here. One of my favorite parts of this industry was the promotions of films. Large plans went into movie releases that included community involvement, working with local television and radio, and developing business connections to help promote the film and its special events created. We put the special into coming to see a film. My marketing skills became outstanding. I learned budgeting, scheduling, and all the paperwork that went into it as well. I even learned how to splice films together, add cues; also, how to run and maintain the projectors.  I learned the success of a tight ship: complete organization, strict schedules and constant attention to everything.  

As I was working at the theatre, I also gained full time employment at one of the areas favorite local stores, Dodd Camera. At this retail store I learned about salesmanship, photography equipment, photographic consultation, sales objective goals, and printing quality. I had come aboard when digital cameras were just being ushered in. I saw them grow into what they have become today. I had begun learning photography at Cuyahoga Community College Black and White 101 doing everything by hand in the dark room.  Now with digital, everything is so instantaneous. I am extremely particular on how my images come out on paper. The retail market strives on competition. I did manage to do very well when I grew into it. I was never pushy. People do not want to be intimidated and pushed into buying something they do not want to buy. I answered the questions customers would have. I showed them options. I would instruct them on buttons, modes, specifications, and techniques that would help achieve the best photo. At the end of the day, a good presentation will lead the customer to a more thought out decision instead of a rash one.

When I married, I cut down to just working at Dodd Camera.  Then, I became a mother  deciding not to work full time anymore to spend that special time with my baby.  When my son was one years old I started serving at local restaurants in Medina.  I needed to get out and talk to real people. I am a worker by nature so not working was very foreign to me. So, now that my son is eight years old and in school, I decided to get my real estate license. I had thought of this since I had bought my house in 2004. I finally did it and I am so proud I did. I know I will use all the skills I have to do my absolute best.


Ohio Institute of Real Estate Studies, LLC, Terra State Community College Real Estate Sales Pre- Licesure Education, 2014

Cuyahoga Community College, Associate of Liberal Arts Degree,  2002 

Brunswick High School, 1995 Graduate (Go Blue Devils!)


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