Authentic wood


      Original authentic wood ...... I walk through so many homes that have their original authentic wood. These homes don't have to be expensive homes. Some of them just have to be built at a time when wood was used heavily and in abundance both structurally and decoratively. It's so often a detriment to value when the wood is painted or not preserved in its original condition. Paint wears out and gets chipped and then you have to add coat after coat after coat to keep up. Even as wood ages it gains authenticity and character much like a good beer or wine. Wood can be stained, repaired, and matched as needed when damage is incurred and if the repair is done carefully then you have a new story to add to the timeleine of your home. If everyday folks took a fun little wood crafting class and learned to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a bench like the one in the picture or the railing above they would likely gain a better appreciation for the value of the wood structures and furniture in their homes. Many people have an interest in wood craftsmanship as exemplified by the tourist industry around Amish furniture shops and villages. Many people just get tired of the same old same old and decide to slap a coat of paint on to make something look new and interesting again. My philosophy is "if it's wood it's good!"

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