Meet your Ohio/South Carolina Connection!

I have been in love with Real Estate for years.

I have been a Real Estate Investor for decades.

In 2014 after a corporate downsizing I decided to put a passion and a hobby together for a new career.  I attended first The Real Estate School of Charleston in South Carolina and a few weeks later Hondros in Ohio.  I passed both exams within week of getting certificates from each school.

I have been a Licensed Commercial Pilot since 1997 and moving between the 2 states in private aircraft makes being licensed in both states possible.

Both Ohio and South Carolina have lots going on in the way and I am proud to be a Realtor in both.

My concentration in Ohio is Northeast region and in South Carolina the Low County, specifically Colleton County, home of the beautiful ACE Basin.  

I would be happy to help you find a home in either state or list in one state to move to the other.

In states where I am not licensed, Coldwell Banker has a DYNAMIC relocation service I can refer you to.  Be rest assured Coldwell Banker brand can find you a home nearly anywhere in the world.

Feel free to call, text or e-mail me from anywhere on Earth, I will be happy to help you!

Renae Hammel

Renae Hammel

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