So why do you a need a Realtor, let me count the ways.

1.  We hold the keys to many a tiny kingdom.  Realtors know how to navigate the lockboxs, electronic locks, showing services, brokerages and for sale by owners that allow access to a home.

2.  We know how to get the information about a home or can provide resources.

3.  We have negotiations skills.

4. We are Licensed.

5.  We are Professional.

6. We know our markets.

7. We participate in our communities.

8. We know how to fill out paperwork, lots of it!

9. We hear about homes as soon as they come to market and sometimes before.

10.  We have a passion for Real Estate.

11. We coordinate between buyers, sellers, agents, lenders, inspectors, trades, title company etc.

12. Experience with Real Estate transactions. 

13. We know the rules are constantly changing.

14.  We know this can be a stressful time and we are hear to listen.

15. We take many hours of continuing education to keep up to date.

16. You matter to us long term.  You are our neighbors.

Renae Hammel

Renae Hammel

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