So you are ready to buy a home.

I work with many first time home buyers.

Here are some steps I can recommend.

1) Get prequalified.­ Find out­how much house you can afford and find a lender.

2) Select a Lender.­This means research rates at various lenders, research their financial strength, find a loan officer and bank you can work with long term.­ A mortgage is a long term commitment.

3) Make a wish list of needs and wants.­ Needs are things you need like number of bedrooms and baths and square footage..­ Wants are things like a pantry, master bath, pool, etc.

4) Watch the market and get a feel for what is there while waiting for your Pre Qual letter.

5) Find a Realtor you can work with.­ Trust is important as well as experience, knowledge and a sense of adventure!­­.­

6)­Let's Go See Houses!!!­ This is the fun part!­

7) You found the perfect house!!! Now what­!­

­ If you are already prequalified, time to make that offer, if not, you may watch the home you love slip away in days or even hours.­ (I have see it.)

8) The work begins as well as the nerves.­ I will be here as close as a phone call, text, e-mail or visit.­ Lenders, Inspectors, Appraisers, Oh My!­ One more piece of paper...oh Addendum!

9) A Great Agent is your ADVOCATE.­ They will help­protect your interests, make phone calls, sending, texts, e-mails, faxes, opening doors, meeting inspectors, making sure communication works between all the different people that it takes to negotiate a home sale.

10) The keys........

Not until title transfers.­ That means that the bank sends the money for the home purchase to the Title Company to disburse, they then physical go to the court house and record the transfer.­ I get a phone call, text, e-mail or I even see it show up on the County Recorder's website and you get the call and you get access.­

Renae Hammel

Renae Hammel

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