Real Estate as a Career for Military Veterans - Plain Dealer's Interview with Ron Denbow, Veterans Day 2012

Ron Denbow, Branch Manager, Coldwell Banker Hunter Realty, Medina, Ohio

Ron Denbow was drafted in 1970 immediately after he completed college. “After six months of basic and advanced individual training in the U.S., I was deployed to U.S. Army Vietnam. I served in active combat in Quang Ngai and in the Quang Tri Province in the northern part of South Vietnam. My unit was a mobile Military Police unit deployed to the 23rd Infantry Division ‘Americal’ in I Corps. It was later re-deployed to the18th Military Police Brigade, 89th Military Police Group, 95th Military Police Battalion in III Corps. We provided armed patrols, convoy and personnel escorts, physical security, confinement, and support for the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division.”

Ron has empathy for the civilians who had to live, work and strive to survive in a country faced with the brutality and ravages of war. “As a father with a wife and small child, I could not imagine how difficult it must have been for the people of South Vietnam to raise a family in an environment like that. I never want to see the ravages of war on our homeland, so confronting our enemies on foreign soil is necessary. It’s a fact that a strong military is required to keep our nation, and our allies, safe and free from aggression. We must care for our veterans and active duty military in every way possible because the cost of war does not stop when the last soldier is withdrawn from the battle,” said Ron.

Ron pursued a real estate career after being employed in manufacturing and construction. “I decided that I needed to transition my work into a field where I had the opportunity to build my own business, and real estate offered that to me.”

Ron feels that military veterans have the skill sets for jobs in technology, health care, security, administration, supervision, management, construction, equipment operation, mechanics, engineering, supply, logistics, and more. For veterans who are interested in starting their own business, there are groups and organizations that are available to help them, such as the Small Business Administration, the Procurement Technical Assistance Center, and more. “The government needs and wants to buy goods and services from veteran entrepreneurs. Veterans who qualify by having the proper structure, certifications and verifications for their business have unique opportunities to position their companies in a competitive manner to help them obtain contracts,” he said.


“As for residential real estate, the field is highly competitive, but the rewards are great for those who succeed. The cost of entry into the field is not excessive, so you can get started with minimal investment and several weeks of training at an accredited college that offers pre-license training,” he said.   Ron is currently very active in helping to make veterans and active duty military personnel aware of the benefits and help that is available to them, particularly those who are transitioning from military back to civilian life.


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