USAA Opens Membership to More Veterans

USAA Expands Membership to all Honorably Discharged Veterans


More than 18 million U.S. military veterans and their 17 million family members who are looking for competitive alternatives to their current insurance, banking and investment providers now can take advantage of USAA and its 87-year record of strength, stability and performance in service to the military community.

Citing steady growth in financial strength and operational capacity, USAA announced that effective immediately, membership now is open to all veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who served honorably, regardless of years of service.

The change expands USAA’s potential customer base by an estimated 35 million, including 18 million veterans, and 17 million spouses and children who also would be able to access USAA services after their veteran relative becomes a member.

“We believe everyone who served honorably in the armed forces should be able to manage their financial well-being with USAA, a company committed to caring more about the unique needs of the military community than any other,” said retired Army Maj. Gen. Joe Robles, USAA’s President and CEO. “Today, USAA is stronger than at any time in our 87-year history, and we are thrilled to open our doors wider to offer the benefits of USAA membership to more military families than ever before.”

USAA began as an officer-only association in 1922, opened to enlisted personnel in 1996, and today serves 7.3 million current and former military members and their families. Throughout its history, USAA has played an important role in helping military families with their financial security, providing them with insurance, investments and banking products as well as financial planning and advice.

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