William Kendall

William Kendall

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Personal Background

I grew up in rural NE Ohio. Two years U.S. Army surgical technician in Europe. Hiram college and CWR Uiv. 30 years as a science teacher. Helped raise 3 boys thru college and now 8 grandchildren I try to spoil as much as possible. I retired from teaching about the same time they all graduated so I blew my bonus on a trip for all to Egypt! My philosophy in life has always been HAVE FUN EVERY DAY! and of course always obey the golden rule.

Professional Background

B.A. science, M.A. chemistry, Research chemist, science teacher for 30 years.

Professional interests

Home construction and remodeling. I enjoy helping young people get into homes they can afford.I love gardening and outdoor work.


BA Hiram College, MA Case Western Reserve, Lakeland Com. College, Kent State Univ.

Personal Interests

I enjoy hiking, biking, gardening, planting & caring for fruit and nut trees, and my American (disease resistant) chestnut trees!

Welcome to my Website

A retired school teacher with 30 years experience teaching science in local schools. A realtor since 1979 where I discovered a school teacher could do well enough in real estate sales to help put three boys through college! I have always preferred to keep my client list small enough to enable me to give personal attention to the needs of each buyer and seller I am working with. Thus, I can promise a regular open house schedule for each of my listings (open houses do sell listings!) and still be available to handle the details and anticipate the problems that often come up in real estate transactions.